Victoria Barracks Historical Society, Brisbane Inc.

1.    To conduct and maintain a military heritage museum, on one or more sites, to be known as the Queensland Military Memorial Museum.

2.    To collect, preserve, restore and display all manner of historical material relating to the military and auxilliary forces which have served, or are serving, in Queensland, and the Australian Defence Forces.

3.    To encourage research into Queensland and Australian military history; to publish and circulate articles from books, documents, circulars and magazines of subjects of educational interest to members and to provide a source of reference and historical records to researchers.

4.    To offer an additional public relations vehicle for the Australian Defence Force and to support Australian Defence Force Activities wherever and whenever desirable.

5.    To do all such lawful acts as are incidental to or are conductive of the attainment of any or all of the aforesaid aims.

Neither the Society, nor the Queensland Military Memorial Museum, or its Annexe/s, are not part of, or have ever been, or represent the Department of Defence, though, as stated in the Aims of the Society, the Society offers support to Defence activities.


Victoria Barracks Historical Society, Brisbane Inc., is financed by member subscription, donations and grants from organisations such as DVA and the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld), Inc.  Basic incomes are directed towards the achievement of the Society's aims with donations and grants being used only for the acquisition, conservation, restoration and display of objects in the Society's collection.


The Society is sanctioned by the Queensland Office of Consumer Affairs, and is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a non-profit, charitable organisation, donations of $2.00 or more being income tax deductible. The Society's ABN is 35 839 287 417


The Society is affiliated with the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women (Queensland Branch), the Franco-Australian Commemorative Museum, Vieux-Bequin, France, and the Oregon Military Museum, Camp Withycombe, Clackamas, Oregon, U.S.A.  Members of the Society have the use of the Legion Memorial Bar facilities - 28 Church Street, Fortitude Valley.


The Victoria Barracks Historical Society, Brisbane Inc. 'policies' may now be viewed online. Governance; privacy; health and safety; copyright; terms and conditions are available to view in the Society's 'policy library' page.